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We are a dedicated Car Broking Service. Hunter Car broker deals with more than 2,000 car dealers across Australia. Our customers include some of Australia's largest Mining companies, thousands of individual private buyers and a multitude of companies - including other car brokers!

Monthly Specials
hyundai i30.jpg

New 2019 Hyundai GO i30 Hatch Petrol


Transmission: Auto 

Price: $??,??? Drive Away 

MR Triton .jpg

New 2019 Mitsubishi MR GLS Auto 4x4


Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: Brand New

Price: $??,??? Drive Away


New 2019 Suzuki Swift GL Navi Auto Hatch


Transmission: Auto

Mileage: NEW


Price: $??,??? Drive way

Holden Colrado .jpg

New Holden Colorado  LTZ 4x4 Auto 



Transmission: Automatic
Mileage: New

Price: To Hot to Print